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OptiMate 2 - Battery Charger - 0.8 Amp

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    OptiMate 2 - Battery Charger - 0.8 Amp
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Safe, long term charge and maintenance for batteries up to 96Ah in motorcycles, ATV’s, lawnmowers and small cars etc. Perfect for your new battery to keep it healthy and strong for many years, increasing battery life by up to 400%!

OptiMate 2 is a charger/maintainer that you can leave connected to the battery while your vehicle is not being used. Simply attach the pigtail lead to your battery and leave the connector some where for easy connection, on a bike for example, under your pillion seat, behind a panel or a rear foot rest. The lead has a weather proof cover to protect it from corrosion.

Simply connect OptiMate after every ride and your battery will ALWAYS be fully charged.


OptiMate 2 extends life and improves performance of a 12V battery mounted in a vehicle / craft or battery operated system that is not in daily use.
Fully electronic, accepts global 100-240V 50/60Hz supply. Generator ready. + Battery types: All 12V lead-acid batteries as well as AGM and GEL12V batteries (max. charge voltage is 14.3V).
Weatherproof enclosure (IP54) with integrated wall-mounts.
No need to supervise – completely automatic. Connect and forget with total peace of mind! OptiMate 2 senses the battery condition, recharges and then keeps the battery 100% ready, never overcharging, and provides power to the anti-theft alarm, display, on-board computer etc..
Interactive charge & maintain mode – will return to charge mode if it senses current drain from battery.
SAFE: No risk of overcharging. Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Automatic shut-down when battery is disconnected. Sparks suppressed.
Fully Automatic – no buttons to press! Simply connect and switch on!
Microprocessor control
Multi step charge program
Safe 24/7 storage charge program
Reverse polarity protected.
Safe “no spark” technology
Built in wall-mount tabs
SAE weatherproof connector system
3 Year Limited Warranty!!