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TecMate Optimate 4 DUAL Smart Charger (12) (Suitable for BMW

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    TecMate Optimate 4 DUAL Smart Charger (12) (Suitable for BMW
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Optimate 4 Dual Battery Charger, Maintainer & Tester 12V 1.0A Suits Std, Gel, Agm & Deep Cycle


OptiMate 4 Dual Program. Selectable CAN bus (BMW) standard program 12 Volt battery charger. Multi Stage desuphating 12 Volt 1A Automatic battery Charger/Maintainer for Motorcycles, Jet Skis, ATV’s etc. Supplied with battery clips & weatherproof permanent connector.

OptiMate is a charger/maintainer that you can leave connected to any battery whicle a vehicle is not being used. Simply attach the pigtail lead to your battery and leave the connector some where for easy connection, on a bike for example, under your pillion seat, behind a panel, a rear foot rest. The lead has a weather proof cover to protect it from corrosion.

Simply connect OptiMate after every ride and your battery will ALWAYS be fully charged.

TecMate OptiMate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger

The OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM is ideally suited to all powersport vehicles especially those used on water and in the cold. Tested, proven and endorsed by numerous power sport vehicle OE’s and users world-wide. Recommended for STD (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) & sealed GEL 12V lead-acid batteries up to 75Ah. Fully automatic operation that includes all safety features such as reverse polarity protection, no spark connection and is approved to UL & CSA safety standards for automatic battery chargers.


OptiMATE 4 Charger – CAN-bus edition
The most ADVANCED & TRUSTED battery charger in power sports – CAN-bus edition.
OptiMate 4 Dual Program CAN-bus edition includes two charging programs; program 1 is for direct charging of a battery, program 2 allows safe and unsupervised charging through a BMW motorcycle’s CAN-bus controlled 12V socket.
OptiMate 4 CAN-bus edition is delivered with program 2 pre-selected.
Special features in CAN-bus program:
Automatic KEY-LESS activation and continued maintenance until charger is disconnected.
Safe low voltage pulse desulphation.
CHARGING AMPS : 1A (constant current)

  1. USE : Indoor / Outdoor (lowest temperature: -40°F / -40°C).
    SAVE : Low Volt Start of 0.5V + 2-step* desulphation recovery (*1-step low volt pulse save during CAN-bus mode).
    IDEAL FOR : STD, AGM & GEL 12V batteries from 3 – 50Ah.
    INPUT : Global (100-240V 50-60Hz), high efficiency (CEC listed), fully sealed.
    STYLE : Weatherproof case with wall mounts, with 6ft / 180cm AC supply lead and 6ft / 180cm charge lead ending in SAE connector. BIKE 180° plug adapter-extender & standard battery clip set included.
    SAFE: No risk of overcharging. Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Sparks suppressed. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected. 3-year limited replacement warranty.